Lead Generation Using FREE Software

Lead Generation Software – A Gift Of the Internet-Age

Once upon a time, buying lists to mass market to was the norm.  Today, with technology running away with itself, it is easier than ever to consider using lead generation software to attract and maintain your leads in order to build a great relationship with.

Getting your brand online affords you the luxury of meeting your  prospective customers earlier in the buying cycle, and those customers want to engage with sales sooner more than ever.

As a result, prospective buyers are pre-sold which makes your job that much easier.

The best marketers are finding ways to bridge the gap between the day marketing first generates a lead and the day that lead is ready for sales.

With on-demand lead generation software available today,  marketing professionals can find hot leads that are ready for sales and automatically nurture the remaining prospects that represent future opportunity but aren’t yet ready to engage in an active buying cycle.

Sales Effectiveness Greatly Improved

How many more qualified sales leads could you generate if you had the ability to nurture relationships with qualified prospects and automatically identify when someone is ready to engage with sales?

Your efforts to first get leads to build your marketing funnel with, can be done quite inexpensively.  That’s when some FREE lead generation software such as the “Targeted Lead Extractor” comes in handy.

So what can you expect from this little gem of a software?

  • email lead extraction from members that actually want your emails

  • extraction from 4 major email providers

  • daily new leads as new members sign up

You will be able to constantly update your list of names and reach new people as they come on board.

A bonus also comes attached to this free lead generation software in the form of 2 videos revealing secret tactics used to get the best out of this software.

There really is everything to gain in downloading this free lead generation software to promote your business online.



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hi,can I have this software for free ?

Johan van der Walt

Can you send me the free lead generator please


May i please get the lead generator for free ?


HI can you send me the free lead generator please….. =)


Hi i couldnt see the next video tgat tells me what to do with all these leads..

Please advice..

Thank you..


I am still creating my website. Just trying to get these steps done to market my products the right way.

ajayi olusegun

is going to be great if you can send me the lead generation

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